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Experience the unique blend of nature and culture that Estonia has to offer. From the vibrant capital city of Tallinn to the peaceful Lahemaa National Park, Estonia has something for every traveler. Immerse yourself in rich history, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Come and explore Estonia with Nordic Star - your gateway to an unforgettable Baltic adventure.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Estonia, from its delicious local cuisine to its vibrant art scene. Discover the warmth of the locals and the fascinating stories hidden within every cobblestone street. Start your adventure with Nordic Star and create unforgettable memories in Estonia.

Explore Tallinn's Old Town

Exploring Tallinn's Old Town is like stepping into a fairy tale, where every cobblestone street and medieval building whispers secrets of the city's rich history and cultural heritage. Begin your journey in this UNESCO-listed gem, immersing yourself in its enchanting atmosphere that transports you back in time. Wander through narrow alleyways flanked by centuries-old buildings, their colorful facades adorned with intricate carvings and weathered by the passage of time.

As you meander through the Old Town, you'll encounter iconic landmarks that bear witness to Tallinn's storied past. Marvel at the imposing Toompea Castle, perched high atop a limestone hill, and explore its ancient walls and towers, which have stood guard over the city for centuries. Admire the ornate domes and gilded spires of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a masterpiece of Russian Orthodox architecture that dominates the skyline with its majestic presence.

Welcome to the land of ancient forests and medieval towns

Discover Estonia's Natural Beauty

Venture beyond the city limits to explore Estonia's pristine natural landscapes. Visit Lahemaa National Park, known for its diverse ecosystems of forests, wetlands, and coastal cliffs, or explore the picturesque islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, where tranquil beaches, historic lighthouses, and unique wildlife await.

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We are proud to offer a wide range of services to ensure an unforgettable travel experience. we understand that every traveler has unique preferences and interests. That's why we offer travel packages tailored to suit your needs.

Our services include booking accommodations, organising guided tours to popular attractions, and providing comprehensive information on traveling in Estonia. With our expert team of travel consultants, we can help you plan your itinerary, suggest the best places to visit, and provide insider tips on hidden gems that only locals know about. 

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